Controlling Of Water Temperature And Flow Rate

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  • Melih Kuncan
  • Kaplan Kaplan
  • H. Emre Güner
  • Ayhan Umucu
  • Ahmet Erdil


Liquid Temperature, Water Flow Rate, On/Off Control, Tank Level Control


Nowadays, offices, restaurants, factories, etc. use liquid temperature control systems. Usually these systems are working
according to a very simple logic. For example, water heaters are closed down after boiling water. There is no temperature
control in those systems. Another water temperature system is electric water dispenser. In this system, water can be hot or cold
without temperature controller. Therefore, water or liquid at the desired temperature can be obtained. There are hot and cold
water tanks in the system. The temperatures of the tanks are kept constant. When users want water at a specific temperature,
system calculate hot and cold water rates and mix them. In this way, the desired water temperature is obtained. This system can
be use another liquid temperature control. The input values of temperature and flow rate of water is entered with the help of
MATLAB GUI interface. The values are sent to STM32F4 controller card. The flow rate of the tank is controlled by the opening
and closing of the solenoid valves. The flow rate of the water is measured by a flow meter and values sent to MATLAB in order
to control flow rate of water.




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