Internet Controlled Mobile Robot

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  • Kaplan Kaplan
  • Melih Kuncan
  • Oya Nural
  • Ahmet Erdil


Robot arm, internet control, ip camera, mobile robot


Nowadays, most of the robots has gained mobility feature along with the developing technology. The measurement process
in different environments can be performed in many various ways. Studies on mobile robots has been increased in the area of
dangerous working conditions to human health. Reaching a target, performing measurements, transferring the data obtained
with mobile robot are important issues. For this purpose, the algorithm of robot which will reach the target has great importance.
Soil and stone samples, humidity and temperature information is preferred as the desired image data. Thus, measurements
can be carried out and data can be transferred to the desired point by knowing only the coordinates of place without going
destination. In this study, mobile robot and robot arm controlling has performed successfully by the Internet protocol.




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