Process Control Methods Application in Training Set

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  • Kaplan KAPLAN
  • I. Malik KUNDAKCI
  • Melih KUNCAN
  • Enes TOPRAK
  • Anıl IZGU
  • H. Metin ERTUNC


Process control, PID, PI, Proportional, Educational Setup


Process control has been one of the application topics employed in the industry for years. Nowadays, many experimental setups are designed
and produced for educational purposes to make the students be familiar with industrial process systems. In this study, an original process
control experimental setup has been designed and constructed for academic uses. Real industrial components such as high performance
pumps and materials are used in the experimental setup so that the quality of the system was increased to get a better system. The system
was designed to apply various control techniques such as P, PI, PID and fuzzy logic. A developed PLC, Siemens S7-1200, was employed
as a controller of the system. The water is used as a fluid to realize control algorithms. Therefore, the basic process control parameters such
as liquid level, flow rate, temperature and pressure in the tank can be controlled at this process experimental setup. The main purpose of the
system is to use a higher capacity products and give a good education to the students.




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KAPLAN, K., KUNDAKCI, I. M., KUNCAN, M., TOPRAK, E., IZGU, A., & ERTUNC, H. M. (2019). Process Control Methods Application in Training Set. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 10(2), 35–42. Retrieved from