Fuzzy Logic Based Ball on Plate Balancing System Real Time Control by Image Processing

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  • Melih KUNCAN
  • Kaplan KAPLAN
  • Fatih ACAR
  • I. Malik KUNDAKÇI
  • H. Metin ERTUNÇ


Fuzzy Logic Control, Ball and Plate, Image Processing


Recently, new control methods have emerged along with developing control methods. Fuzzy logic is one of the new and developing control
methods. In some cases, it is more adequate to control complex systems using fuzzy logic controller. In this study, a dynamic position of the ball
on the plate was controlled by determining the angle of the plate in real time with fuzzy logic control method. The ball position was obtained
by a digital camera and the image was processed in MATLAB/Simulink environment. Fuzzy logic algorithm was built according to the system
under investigation. The output obtained from the serial port interface is sent to microcontroller card and the motors in the system are activated
to the desired angle to keep the ball on the plate and to avoid falling of the ball. For this, a fuzzy logic controller was designed for ball balancing
system on the plate. The system is controlled successfully and the controller performance are tested.




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KUNCAN, M., KAPLAN, K., ACAR, F., KUNDAKÇI, I. M., & ERTUNÇ, H. M. (2019). Fuzzy Logic Based Ball on Plate Balancing System Real Time Control by Image Processing. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 10(3), 28–32. Retrieved from https://ijnes.org/index.php/ijnes/article/view/275