An Authentication Method Based on The Hands Scheme

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  • Sobhan ROSHANI
  • Saeed ROSHANI
  • Hossein ROSHANI
  • Farzin SHAMMA


authentication, edge detection, image processing, PCA


Back of the hand scheme, fingers skin lines and nails structure can be used as new parameters of biometric features for human identification
in high accuracy. In this paper, a new method for extracting unique features from back of the hand, fingers wrinkle and nails structure has been
presented. At first fingers skin pattern and nails pattern which has been obtained by the edge operators are added to back of the hand scheme with
multiplayer effect. Then basic data have been obtained from back of the hand’s image according to characteristics of PCA filter. Identification and
authentication in this method have been based on three main processes: separation, feature extraction and feature matching. Initially, we separate
back of the hand area from the background completely by pre-processing of the image. In next step that is the most important step in the process,
the appropriate features for identification are extracting. The results of the proposed method show the proper performance of this new method of
extracting features for human identification.




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ROSHANI, S., FARAMARZI, A., ROSHANI, S., ROSHANI, H., & SHAMMA, F. (2019). An Authentication Method Based on The Hands Scheme. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 6(3), 7–10. Retrieved from