The Use of Ultrasonic Mesaurements Determining the Quality of the Dimension Stone Blocks

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  • Ahmet Mahmut KILIÇ
  • Özen KILIÇ


Ultrasonic measurements, P wave, Block quality, Marble


Natural stone, namely marbles is a specific type of mineral raw material extracted as large monolithic blocks in quarries. An important specificity of extraction of natural stone is the requirement of the compactness. Tectonics and excavation complicates are difficult to ensure and growing demand of large blocks of natural stone. Irregularities (micro-macro cracks, porosity and cavity) in blocks effect block quality can be determined visually by ultrasonic measurements. Ultrasonic devices are simple, practical, portable, making cheap research and in situ research in the field or fabric. Ultrasonic waves propagate inside the stone at different velocities, depending on direction. Ultrasonic techniques are particularly useful in studies of stone features such as elasticity, anisotropy, physical and mechanical properties of natural stone and other construction materials to characterize the materials.The paper will be presented to the application of ultrasonic measurements (P wave) in situ measurements of the state of the block using the method in determining the quality of the blocks in order to facilitate the marketing and provision of guarantees on the dimension stone blocks quality. Additionally, statistical correlations between ultrasonic pulse velocity and mechanical and physical properties of natural stones (marble) are presented and discussed.




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KILIÇ, A. M., KAHRAMAN, E., & KILIÇ, Özen. (2019). The Use of Ultrasonic Mesaurements Determining the Quality of the Dimension Stone Blocks. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 11(1), 28–33. Retrieved from