Investigation of the Effect to Lime Quality of Kiln Conditions

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  • Özen KILIÇ
  • Zinnur Erman GÜLERMAN


Limestone, Lime, Calcination, Maerz vertical shaft lime kiln


People think limestone calcination reaction is a very simple and straight-forward reaction. However, numerous critical variables effect to lime
burning operations, such as limestone quality, fuel and kiln burning conditions etc. The factors and variables that affect the burning (calcination) of limestone must be considered in the selection, design and optimization of the kiln equipment. Limestone burning in a vertical kiln often
presents complex problems which can be solved from the conception by consideration of the prevailing factors that determine the progress of
calcination reactions. The evaluation of the influence of these factors on the progress of the burning of Çelemli limestone (Adana Turkey) in
a vertical shaft lime kiln (four Maerz kilns) is the thrust of this study. Çelemli limestone is proper for lime production that is higher than 97%
CaCO3 and low impurities, but lime quality seems differences due to burning conditions in the kilns.In this study, the effects of chemical kinetics, 
calcination temperature, calcination time, effect of pressure and flow conditions in the kiln were evaluated.




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