Designing the Column Base Plate of a Steel Industrial Building according to AISCLRFD Method

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  • Gunnur YAVUZ
  • Pinar Salahaldin Hussein HUSSEIN


Steel, Industrial building, Column base plate, LRFD.


Base plates used in steel column-concrete block connections as one of the most important elements in steel structures can influence the
total behaviour of structures. Behaviour of base plates as one of the connections that are used in buildings, has its own complexity. The
existence of different materials such as steel and concrete, interaction between materials, existence of axial force, shear and moment are the
most important problems in analysing these connections. In this study, column-base plate connection design procedure of a steel industrial
building according to the AISC Base Plate and Anchor Rod Design Guide 1-LRFD method was studied, the column base plate design
procedure was explained for different five load cases. In this study, two dimensional analysis for an industrial building that supports was act
as fixed was done in SAP2000 program, then the support reactions that taken from analysis results were used to evaluate column base plate
dimensions according to AISC-LRFD procedure and details of column base plate connection was checked in ASDIP-steel program according
to AISC-LRFD. As results, the chosen base plate and footing dimensions and anchor bolts were adequate for the design criteria.




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