A New Notched Microstrip-fed Hexagonal Monopole Antenna for UWB Operation

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  • Sabour SOLHKHAH
  • Changiz GHOBADI
  • Javad NOURINIA
  • Davood AHMADIAN


Band rejection filter, microstrip-fed antenna, ultra-wideband monopole.


In this paper, we present a novel microstrip fed hexagonal monopole antenna with a new filter function, for UWB applications.
The antenna is fabricated on a 1mm-FR4 substrate and measured results have good agreement with simulated results. By tuning
the angles of the hexagonal radiating patch and inserting two slots in the ground plane, a great impedance bandwidth with a very
good impedance matching can be achieved. Two L-shaped slits are inserted in the radiating patch and provide the band-notch
characteristic. The designed antenna has a small size of 18 mm × 20 mm and operates over the frequency band between 3 to 16
GHz for VSWR < 1.4, rejecting the undesired frequency band from 5.1 to 5.85 GHz.




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SOLHKHAH, S., GHOBADI, C., NOURINIA, J., & AHMADIAN, D. (2019). A New Notched Microstrip-fed Hexagonal Monopole Antenna for UWB Operation. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 4(1), 1–5. Retrieved from https://ijnes.org/index.php/ijnes/article/view/518




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