Stress Formations of Steel Track Roller and Slot of Sliding Cabinet Door under Static Conditions

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  • Mustafa Murat YAVUZ


Stress, deformation, FEA, track roller, fillet


In this work, stress formation of a track roller of sliding cabinet door is investigated under static conditions. These rollers are the main part
of carrying the door and provide motion properties. For this purpose, they are interaction with a slot system and transfer the carried weight
and forces into the interacted slot, which is the support of the whole system. In literature and technical reports, some failure conditions have
been reported as failure of whole roller, damaged slot bed, non-symmetric stress distribution and deformation, wear and etc. are detected.
In this study, to determine the situation of mechanic behavior of the system, a numerical study is carried out. Finite element analysis (FEA)
is applied to the prepared model that includes a slot and a roller mechanism. Applied force is selected as a typical door weight and the used
material properties are selected as standard steel. The one arm connection between roller and door support causes a non-linear contact stress
distribution that causes local peak stresses. The stress locations have been determined. Maximum deformation occurs at the force application
area of the roller tip surface. When addition of fillet and increasing fillet radius are applied, deformation and stress results get larger. The results
are discussed in detail.




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