Rapid Acidic Corrosion of Ribbed Reinforcing Steel Bars

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  • Tayfun UYGUNOĞLU
  • İbrahim GÜNEŞ
  • Atila Gürhan ÇELİK
  • Emriye ÇINAR


Corrosion, rebar, reinforcing


Reinforcement steel rebar corrosion leads to a deterioration of the bond between the concrete and the steel bars. The serviceability and ultimate
strength of concrete elements within reinforced structures are accordingly affected. Many studies have been done on the different types of steel
bar corrosion. However, very few studies have investigated the effects of restrictions on the degradation of steel when exposed to hydrochloride
acid corrosion on ribbed steel rebars. In the present paper, investigations were carried out to study the rapid corrosion behavior of unprotected
low-carbon ribbed reinforcing steel exposed to different concentrations of HCl solutions (0.5, 1.0 and 1.5M). The ribbed steel bar was of size
Ø14. The weight loss method was used for the estimation of the corrosion. The results show that the corrosion rate and cross-section loss of
steel bars increases with increasing acid concentration from 0.5 M to 1.5 M.




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UYGUNOĞLU, T., GÜNEŞ, İbrahim, ÇELİK, A. G., & ÇINAR, E. (2019). Rapid Acidic Corrosion of Ribbed Reinforcing Steel Bars. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 12(2), 05–09. Retrieved from https://ijnes.org/index.php/ijnes/article/view/315