Active vibration suppression of a single-link smart flexible manipulator

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  • Levent MALGACA
  • Mehmet UYAR
  • Şahin YAVUZ


Piezoelectric, Smart Flexible Manipulator, Active Vibration Control, PID Control


Vibration control can be implemented to smart flexible stationary or nonstationary mechanical systems. Smart flexible manipulators are one of
the most popular examples of non-stationary systems. In this study, the analysis of a single-link smart flexible manipulator with a piezoelectric actuator is studied. The finite element model of the smart flexible manipulator (SFM) is created in ANSYS/APDL software. The natural
frequencies are determined by the modal analysis. Then the transient analysis is carried out to obtain the vibration responses by driving the
manipulator with a trapezoidal motion. The PID control algorithm is integrated to the transient solutions of the SFM to suppress the residual
vibrations. The uncontrolled and controlled vibration results are presented for various controller gains, stopping positions and motion times.




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MALGACA, L., UYAR, M., & YAVUZ, Şahin. (2019). Active vibration suppression of a single-link smart flexible manipulator. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 11(1), 13–19. Retrieved from