The Evaluation of Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) by means of Trixbox

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  • Yasir FAYYAZ
  • Dost Muhammad KHAN
  • Faisal FAYYAZ
  • Salman QADRI
  • Shahid NAWEED
  • Muhammad FAHAD


VoIP; Trixbox, PBX; QoS; DoS; SME


In this research paper, we evaluate Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, implement and integrate VoIP with IP Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX), track the behavior of data and voice quality using different voice codec and provide the appropriate solutions to improve the
quality and reduce the cost of the customer’s calls. The main issue is to identify the problematic areas when network is under attack. We introduce VoIP BOX which optimize the bandwidth, improve the reliability, scalability and security of customer’s calls. We also examine the attacks
on VoIP PBX network and provide the appropriate solutions how to stop or minimize the internal and external attacks launched by Attacker. The
introduced VoIP BOX which is integrated with VoIP PBX, achieves quality of service on low bandwidth, almost zero jitter and high security.




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FAYYAZ, Y., KHAN, D. M., FAYYAZ, F., QADRI, S., NAWEED, S., & FAHAD, M. (2019). The Evaluation of Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) by means of Trixbox. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 10(3), 33–41. Retrieved from




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