Climate Change Impact on NW Albania Reflected on Rainfall Regime.

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  • Petrit ZORBA
  • Albana HASIMI
  • Elvin ÇOMO


Climate change, SPI index, Albania.


Climate is a very important element of the environment, which on recent times has been characterized by some change, like in the other part ofthe world, also in Albania. Those changes are reflected not only by different ongoing of meteorological elements but as well as in their interiorcharacter. In this presentation will be shown the results of various rainfall index for an 89 years period analyzed 1931-2019. The area selectedis part on NW Albania, as one of most known for flooding over the recent years. Also, on this paper a drought analyze will be presented by SPIindex evaluations, that is a very important information related to agricultural users and as well as for hydropower companies operating on thatarea. Another element to be emphasized is some important change reflected on the increase of the tendency for the amplitudes values of airtemperature and some verified change in the rate between the rain and snow during the years in favor of rain, bringing up a decrease of snowevents and less space covered by snow.




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