Determination of HMF and Acidity of Honey Originated from Albania

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  • Artiona Laze
  • Valentina Arapi
  • Eralda Dano
  • Marjola Kodra
  • Dorina Beli
  • Sunilda Haveraj
  • Raimond Meli


honey, acidity, hydroxymethylfurfuraldehyde (HMF), quality parameters


The main purpose of this study was to evaluate of the quality and chemical parameters such as: acidity and
5-hydroxymethylfurfuraldehyde content (HMF), in 10 honey samples, produced in Albania in 2018. HMF measurement is used
to evaluate the quality of honey, based on the storage condition and the possible adulteration with other sugars or syrups. The
current European legislation regulates the concentration of HMF, which must not exceed 40 mg/kg (for general types of honey).
The obtained data for this study showed that the acidity in the analysed honey samples ranges from 3.85 to 4.18 and 7.88 meq/
kg to 27.46 meq /kg, according to pH measurement and titration analyses, respectively. In this work, HMF was determined by
the method according to White UV – VIS spectrophotometer.




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Laze, A., Arapi, V., Dano, E., Kodra, M., Beli, D., Haveraj, S., & Meli, R. (2019). Determination of HMF and Acidity of Honey Originated from Albania. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 13(3), 63–65. Retrieved from