Evaluation of Natural, Cultural and Visual Values in Terms of Alternative Tourism in the Example of Kemaliye (Erzincan/Turkey)

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  • Zöhre BULUT
  • Hasan YILMAZ


Alternative tourism, ecotourism, natural and cultural values, visual researches, Kemaliye, Turkey


Nowadays, world countries have realised the importance of natural, cultural and visual reserves they have, and are in attempts
to make sustainable planning efforts by which these resources can be evaluated economically. Alternative tourism form is the
most valid approach considered in this respect. Today, alternative tourism is also defi ned in various studies with the terms such as
eco-tourism and soft-tourism. In this study, the focus is on the aspect of ecotourism which both protects and evaluates the ecology
of an area and contributes to the economy of the native people in the area. By this approach, it was attempted to put forward the
alternative tourism potentials of the district of Kemaliye and its proximity, which has socio-economical problems in both its urban
and rural areas; highly precious natural, cultural and visual values; and is a member of European Association of Historic Towns
and Regions (EAHTR). From the results of the study, when considered the natural, socio-cultural, recreational tourism and visual
reserve values of Kemaliye and its proximity entirely, it was found that the district has very important alternative tourism potentials.
For the study area, 19 different alternative tourism forms were offered by considering the natural, cultural and visual values of the
area and their suitability for the area was determined in percentages. The most suitable alternative tourism activities for the districts
are mountaineering (88%), trekking (88%) and photo safari (86%). In the study, some suggestions about the preservation of the
ecological and cultural values related to the alternative tourism practices were presented.




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