General Conditions of Spatial Data Infrastructures

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  • Bashkim IDRIZI


INSPIRE, NSDI, GSDI, GIS, infrastructure, spatial data.


The impact of global trends has a large importance in all human life fields. As one of the most important aspects is fully recognition of the
environment from micro-regional up to national, regional and global level. Right management with spatial objects and natural phenomena
has direct impact on society developing, which means direct impact on human life also. Unsustainable are environmental analyzes with nonorganized or non-standardized organized spatial data by the responsible state institutions for data collecting, structuring, archiving, and sharing.The general principle for casting of responsibilities between the state relevant institutions in a field of spatial data, are the principles of multiusable official data and no-duplicate the same data by two or more institutions. Those are the basics of more rentable utilization of spatial data,i.e. rentable functioning of whole state system.Within the specter of spatial data infrastructures from local up to global, in a national (state) level it is necessary developing of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), as synthesis of sub-national infrastructures from one site, national interests from other site, and their compatibility in regional-global level in the third site. Integrating of spatial data in to one unique standardized spatial data infrastructure in a national level known as NSDI, generate the simple and faster access to needed spatial data, more transparency, high level of cooperation between responsible institutions, increasing of the conscience for importance by spatial data, and wide spatial data utilization by stake holders, clients and customers, i.e. many and multi utilization for scientific, practical and commercial purposes.Setting up of the NSDI has a direct impact on the way of organizing of local (sub-national) spatial data infrastructures. This is due to the hierarchy principle from up to down, which means that all local infrastructures have to be organized to be fully compatible with NSDI.




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