Handling Data Integration Analytics for Students of UAF by using Big Data and SPSS

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  • Badarqa SHAKOOR
  • Ahsan Raza SATTAR


Big Data; Data Integration; Data Quality; SPSS


Data Integration refers to associating data from various sources. Most of the organizations store their information in multiple
databases, retrieving data from different sources and the integration of data provides a unified view. The problem is maintenance
of real time datasets in UAF and more important, handling the heterogeneity of student’s records when they are fetched from
the different data sources, during integration the data from multiple sources shouldn’t be in same format this cause the quality
issues. The aim of this study is to handling data integration, analytics for students of UAF by using big data, application help
us in saving the required information from the huge amount of data. As per our survey integration tool gave us the opportunity
to manage, share and synchronize the large data sets in a same format. The interface of the tool is straightforward for user and
there is no need to create any data models. Consistency and scalability of providing datasets have been improved by using these
tools. We have implement big data for analysis of student record stores in different databases. Important data is extracted and
then loads it into record and building of records, then update and store data on a regular base. In view of our consequences and
analysis we summarized that infrastructure of data integration is helpful and increase the value of data through unified system.




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