Energy Conservation in Office Building by Utilization of Daylighting

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  • Ahsanullah Soomro
  • Saleem Raza Samo
  • Abdul Rehman Jatoi
  • Abdul Rehman Jatoi
  • Abdul Qayoom Jakhrani


Electrical Load, Daylighting, Energy utilization, Energy Conservation, Gases emission reduction


The purpose of this study was to examine the possibility of daylight utilization by means of windows opening and closing in different time
periods of the day. The illumination level and temperature were recorded at intervals of one hour from morning till evening by opening and
closing of the windows. The results revealed that the opening of windows and turning off the electrical appliances results in rapid increase of
illuminance level and temperature in the offices as compared to laboratories and classrooms due to their size. It was found that the opening of
all windows for six hours per day can save 4956.0 kWh energy with cost saving of Rs. 74339.0 and reduces 0.089 kg of CH4, 0.015 kg of N2O
and 33,00.0 kg of CO2per year.




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Soomro, A., Samo, S. R., Jatoi, A. R., Jatoi, A. R., & Jakhrani, A. Q. (2019). Energy Conservation in Office Building by Utilization of Daylighting. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 10(1), 01–06. Retrieved from