Generation of Space Vector PWM Signals Based on the FPGA in Real Time

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  • Hakan ÇELIK
  • Mahmut Temel ÖZDEMIR


Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Voltage source inverter, Space vector PWM, Motor control systems.


In recent years, along with developing Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, FPGA has been used in many areas such as
motor control application, robotic systems, and space technology. FPGAs have parallel program construction with the difference of
microprocessors having serial program construction. Thus, FPGAs are widely used in control systems required for simultaneously
calculation and processing. Space vector PWM method is commonly used in motor control application, UPS and solar energy systems
because of having many advantages. The generated Space vector PWM signal with help of serial program construction has a slip at output
frequency and so it affects system performance negatively. In this study, the real time Space vector PWM signal was generated by FPGA to
solve this problem. Prototype circuit of voltage source inverter (VSI) was controlled by PWM signals. The time domain simulations of the
system were carried out in Matlab/Simulink to verify the results. The obtained results were compared for output voltage, current and their
harmonics. Finally, it is shown that the obtained experimental results from VSI prototype circuit and the time domain simulation results are




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