Energy Efficient Wireless Networking and Computing Infrastructure

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  • Ahmed MATEEN
  • Sammar ABBAS


Computing infrastructure, energy consumption, energy efficient, green computing, wireless networking


Wireless networking allows users to access information and services regardless of location and physical infrastructure. It is a fast growing
technology due to its availability of wireless devices, flexibility, ease of installation and configuration. With this rapid expansion of information
and Communication Technology (ICT), the consumption of energy is also increasing. In the early age of wireless technology, computing
infrastructure focused on everywhere access, capacity and speed of technology. But now computing infrastructure should be energy efficient
because, in wireless networking, devices are mostly powered by a battery that is a limited source of energy and is a challenge for the
researchers. In computing infrastructure energy saving and environmental protection has become a global demand. This paper proposed a
computing infrastructure based on green computing for energy efficient wireless networking. Further, some challenges and techniques like
power consumption in network architecture, algorithm efficiency, virtualization, and dynamic power saving will be discussed to make energy
efficient computing infrastructure.




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