Real-Time Measurements of Moisture of Perlite-media of Rooting for Plant Production by Cutting

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  • Murat ÇAĞLAR
  • Saadettin YILDIRIM


Instrumentation, Tensiometer, Agricultural Automation, Plant Reproduction, Rooting.


Moisture and temperature of the rooting medium where plant cuttings are located are two important environmental factors on fruit trees
plant production by cuttings. In this study, measurements of moisture of the rooting medium which consisted of perlite was measured with
different commonly used sensors; namely, RSU adapter tensiometer, Watermark 200SS, and Waterscout SM100 sensors. Measurements
were made at three moistures levels; low (40%), moderate (60%) and high moisture (80%) levels and three temperature levels; low (18 °C),
moderate (22 °C) and high temperature (26 °C) levels. Moisture readings of these sensors were compared in terms of precision and accuracy
to determine the better sensor for use with computer controlled rooting system. Standard gravimetric method was used to determine
moisture level of perlite media for comparison of sensor readings. As a result of the comparison, better readings were obtained from RSU
tensiometer in terms of accuracy and precision. The results of the study suggested that the RSU adapter tensiometer can be used for
continuous measurement along computer controlled rooting system to keep the moisture of perlite media at desired level needed for better
rooting from cuttings for fruit trees reproduction in terms of yield and quality




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