Designing and Construction of a Hybrid Energy Storage System using Filter Based Controller

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  • Peyman BAYAT
  • Pezhman BAYAT
  • Alireza HATAMI
  • S. M. Reza TOUSI


Control Strategy, Electric Vehicle (EV), Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS), MATLAB/SIMULINK.


With the world wide application of a large number of vehicles, more and more serious problems about environmental and human
survival are caused. The efficient, clean and safety transportations are the perfect choices to deal with these environmental problems. So, in
the last decades the electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), have been developed in automotive industry. Different hybrid
energy storage system (HESS) structures have been released to solve the problems and improve the performance of these vehicles. This
paper, firstly reviewed several most conventional control strategy which used in different HESS configuration for advanced electric vehicle
applications, then, proposed a new HESS with a novel control strategy, designed for the improvement of performance and energy efficiency,
while also extending the battery life. The results show that the proposed HESS, improves the working conditions of ESS and also increased
the operating life of the battery. For this purpose, simulations were made in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.




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BAYAT, P., BAYAT, P., HATAMI, A., & TOUSI, S. M. R. (2019). Designing and Construction of a Hybrid Energy Storage System using Filter Based Controller. International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, 9(1), 08–12. Retrieved from