Greenway Planning Based on River for Sustainable Cities: An Example of Ankara City

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  • Mehmet Emin BARIŞ


Greenway, river greenway, stream, CBS, Hatip stream, Ankara


Greenway as a linear open space established along either a natural corridor, such as riverfront, stream valley, or ridgeline, or overland
along a railroad right-of-way converted to recreational use, a canal, a scenic road, or other route. This linear open space is a connector linking
parks, nature reserves, cultural heritage, including classified urban settlements, with each other and with populated areas.Today, urban areas have come face to face many problems like air, water and noise pollution and lack of open-green areas along with the increasing urbanization. Greenways have become an important for urban landscape planning because of protecting numerous sources with at least area. It is possible to see the benefits of greenways at most on river corridor.Although, the population of Ankara, which is capital city of Turkey, has increased ten times in the last 70 years, per capita active green areas have decreased. The city has a lot of streams. But they have been neglected for years. In this study, some streams and streamsides in Ankara were evaluated in terms of greenway scope. A conceptual greenway plan was prepared. Suggestions were offered in this context.




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