Impact of economic activities in water quality of Erzeni River

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  • Raimonda Lilo Polytechnic University of Tirana


Physico-chemical parameters, human impact, Erzeni River,   Water Quality Index (WQI)


The aim of this paper is to assess the impact of the increasing economic activities in one region of Erzeni River basin to the river water quality. The monitored rivers segment of almost 20 km, consisted of less populated areas at the upper stream of river, as reference, and also of areas with intensive economic, agricultural and human activities. The samples were collected from four stations in the course for several months and fourteen physico-chemical parameters were analyzed using standard methods.  Based on data analysis, the evaluation of the overall water quality status has been accomplished.

The statistical assessment of the physico-chemical parameters measured and the use of the Water Quality Index (WQI) Methodology clearly showed the deterioration of water quality in the river segment under investigation form upper (S1) to the bottom part of it (S4). The downgrading of calculated WQI alongside the river, from 95.4 to 83.8 indicates the negative impact over the river water quality, imposed by economic activities established in the area.






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