Olive Oil Consumption Attitudes: Millennials vs Non-Millennials

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  • O. İnanç GÜNEY
  • Levent SANGÜN


Olive oil, generations, consumption, attitudes, Turkey


Olive oil is a traditional product with strategic designation for the Mediterranean countries since the ancient times. Compared to other agricultural products, the fact that olive production takes place in limited areas increases the importance of the international trade of this product.
Developments in healthy food consumption have also effected the importance of researches on olive oil consumption in recent years. In the
scope of this research, olive oil consumption behaviors and tendencies of Generation Y (Millennials) and other generations were researched
comparatively by applying face to face survey to 520 individuals. To analyze the data obtained percent distribution and Chi-square test methods
were applied. The results of the research show that the focal generations have different behaviors and attitudes for olive oil place of purchase,
consumption quantities, usage patterns and factors affecting the purchase. Determining trends and behaviors of different generations in consumption of olive oil is important for the future of the industry.




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