Factors Effecting Seafood Consumption Behaviour for Seafood Consumers

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  • Levent SANGÜN
  • O. İnanç GÜNEY


Seafood, consumption behaviour, seafood consumers, survey, Turkey


This study was applied to 407 seafood products consumers in Adana province and 347 consumers who participated in the survey consumed
seafood and 60 consumers not consumed seafood. All factors except shelf life were significant (p <0.001) as a result of Chi-Square test applied
to the reasons of not consuming seafood. The factor that cause not to consume seafood could be given in order of importance as, taste, smell,
vegetarianism, habit, high price, allergic causes, insecurity, eating difficulty, health effect, religious reasons. Significant differences were also
found in the responses to seafood consumption frequency (p <0.05, p <0.01) and the first order of consumption was sea and freshwater fish. It
was also determined that 71.1% of consumers of seafood consumed fish between 500-6000 gr per month and fish market was the most preferred
place to buy fish.




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