New Sudoku PV Array Configuration for Out Put Power Losses Minimization

  • Ben Si Ali Nadia Baji Mokhtar Annaba Univesity
  • Benalia Nadia
  • Zerzouri Nora
  • Merah Ahmed
Keywords: PV Array Configuration; Mismatch Losses; Partial Shading; Topology


Sun energy is the best option for power generation as it is available everywhere and is free to operate. Shading is one of the most important aspects that affect performances of PV systems. Changing the PV array interconnections is an alternative method of reducing the effects of the partial shading and increasing the output power. This work focuses on investigating different solar array architectures with solar cells and finding the optimal interconnection of PV modules in a PV array to reduce partial shading losses. Different photovoltaic array configurations are modeled and simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK. These configurations are Series Parallel (SP), Total Cross Tied (TCT), Bridge Linked (BL) and Honey Comb (HC). Comparing performances of the different topologies a best one is suggested it is SuDoKu configuration