A Case Design on a Freely Movable Steel Non-Roller Track between Sliding Slots for Decreasing Impact

  • Mustafa Murat YAVUZ
Keywords: Impact, stress, deformation, non-roller track


The usage of sliding doors has been widely seen in commercial and industrial applications. Their easy usage and manufacturing property
provides its popularity. However, some failure conditions have been detected with respect to their basic and simple mechanism in all usage
areas, because of most of them includes no failure prevention systems/mechanisms. Impact, inappropriate usage, unsymmetrical loading and
other conditions are mostly dominant situations for failure. In this study, a case design is tried to be realized for decreasing impact condition
when slot track move on slots end at undesirable speed. Finite element analysis (FEA) is used for the investigations. The slot geometry has been
changed to protect the non-roller track and slider from the impact effect. Aluminum material properties are used as the definition of material
properties. A basic case design has been examined and it is compared with modified condition. The results have shown that even if changing
the geometry a little, it is critically affective for decreasing the impact speed. But this application causes to locally stress peak points that should
be considered in another investigation. All result figures are explained in detail.