The Effect of Steam Injection that is Applied to Increase Performance of the Gas Turbines

  • Rufi ÖZGÜR
  • Recep ÖZTÜRK
Keywords: A Gas turbines, Steam injection, Performance analysis, Optimisation, Power output


This Electricity demand increases with each day in the developing countries with the strong economic growth; however the power producers
are trying to find cost efficient methods in order to increase power efficiency and reduce generation costs, respond more quickly to the change
in the market conditions due to liberalized electricity markets and gas prices with their high volatility.
Especially gas turbines are often used to meet the peak loads in the combined cycle power stations used commonly for power generation. In
this study, the changes that occur in the station general power output and performance by injecting a certain amount steam that is taken from the
steam turbine to the combustion chamber of the gas turbine by a computer supported analysis programme at a combined cycle power station.
The optimum amount of steam that can be injected into the gas turbine was determined by computer aided modeling. With this steam injection,
the change in the power output of the plant was found..