The Survey of Case Studies About The Noise Exposures Exposed By Ships' Engine Rooms' Employees in The Scope of The Regulation on The Protection of Risks to Noise Exposures for Employees

  • Vedat ATAK
  • Ercan KÖSE
Keywords: Maritime, Occupational health and safety, Ship, Machinery, Noise Exposure.


In the seas and inland waters covering two-thirds of the world’s surface, various types of goods and commodities subject to
global trade are carried by sea. The convenience provided for commercial activities conducted worldwide, security, price
advantages, etc. sea transportation is preferred for many reasons. The ability of ships, which are the means of transporting
goods and suits to be the subject of maritime transport, to fulfill their duties can only be achieved by fulfilling the duties of the
seafarers which are an exact part of them. Parallel to the increase in the importance given to human health in recent years, the
protection of the health of employees is the main principle in working life. With the effect of legal legislation on this issue [1],
safety and health at work practices related to the protection of the health of the individual actively guide the working life as
one of the main considerations in all aspects of working life. In this scope; it is determined by the measurements made in the
case studies in the framework of the regulations on the protection of the employees from the risks related to the noise exposures
[2] exposed in the engine rooms of the ships where the ships which are the basic element of sea trade in the maritime industry
are made to supply power for the transfer from one point to another, measures to be taken in terms of protection of health have
been tried to be put forward.