The Impact of Employees’ Turnover at the Productivity of a Software

  • Najia SAHER
  • Dost Muhammad KHAN
  • Faisal SHAHZAD
  • Salman QADRI
Keywords: Turnover, Turnover Rate, Production Efficiency, Firm Specific Human Capital (FSHC), Job Matching (JM)


The effect of employee turnover has received substantial consideration in software industry and it becomes one of the challenges for
organizations. It plays a crucial role in software project cost, performance, efficiency and schedule. Firm Specific Human Capital (FSHC)
and Job Matching (JM) are two main theories which can be applied to measure the effect of employee‟s turnover at the productivity of a
software. This paper envisages on the impact of an employee‟s turnover at the productivity of a software. Furthermore, we show a
relationship between the turnover and the productivity and the production efficiency of software industry and the turnover rate of employees
by applying different theories.