Issues and Challenges of Automated Software Fault Tolerance Techniques

  • Salman QADRI
  • Husnain AHMAD
  • Muhammad FAHAD
Keywords: Design Diversity, N-Version Programming (NVP), Swift, Trump, Mask.


In software, faults can occur and may disturb the normal behavior or working on a system. Software fault tolerance techniques must
implement to remove these faults. Fault tolerance defined as how the system fights when faults occur. A system cannot be truly fault tolerant
until software fault tolerance techniques are applied to it. In early researches it is estimated that almost 60-90% of system failures are
attributed to software failures. These failures can be controlled by applying software fault tolerance techniques. In this study, a comparative
study of different software fault tolerance techniques (like Swift, Trump, Mask and N-version programming) is carried out and current
research challenges in these techniques is also discussed.