Software Communication Reengineering regarding Organizational Business and Business Chain (S/W.Comm.ReEng.OB&BC)

  • Ahmad MATEEN
  • Rashid RIAZ
  • Yahya SAEED
  • Dr. Ramzan TALİB
Keywords: Business management through IT and S/W reengineering (BM.IT& SER), software reengineering, business process and IT communications, business process and IT communication reengineering (BPITCR)


For customer oriented upgrading there is requirement of software reengineering, business process & IT communication reengineering (BPITCR).
Fast-changing, highly competitive external market environment results into the need of higher mobility of factors of production effecting
internal environment which is ever seeking to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises from both external and internal organizational
boundaries. Software Reengineering is of great theoretical significance in the development of the new era Business theorists exist on both
research and practice and are still in the rising phase of a continuing development. Especially it exists in the Software Reengineering which
has become big business process. Since the traditional, business process and IT communication reengineering (BPITCR), has undergone major
changes namely in Software Reengineering concepts, models whether to carry out the method should also be expanded rationale. Software
Reengineering, business process and IT communication reengineering is a study to distinguish that the essential connotation of the latter is the
use of advanced information and communication technology and computer networks. The support system, the core, business process and IT
communication reengineering (BPITCR), smooth is essential purpose, which is to re-launch the process technology premise hardware. It relates
to the general environment, the traditional business process and IT communication and ultimately it needs to be further expanded. The paper is
based over this fact to generate overview of this.The analysis has been done as field study. The business experts and IT processionals are taken into loop in the study process. As the scientific measure the data is tabulated and graphical evaluated with the averages and percentages. Various portions of the study are divided into categorical parts and each part is evaluated with different questions in study to get the better insight of the each targeted phase.