Compact Circle-Elliptical Combined Fractal (CECF) Monopole Antenna for Super Wideband Applications

  • Vorya WALADI
  • Javad NOURINIA
Keywords: fractal monopole antenna, circle-elliptical combined fractal, super wideband (SWB), BDR.


A novel printed circle-elliptical combined fractal (CECF) microstrip-fed monopole antenna is presented for super wideband (SWB)
applications. The antenna is composed of a semi-elliptical ground plane and the CECF patch. In comparison to the previous SWB and fractal
antennas the entire size of antenna is only 18×24×1.6 mm3. The simulated results imply that the 2:1 VSWR is from 1.2 to 35 GHz with the 10-
dB BW (%) of 190 (%). The simulated and measured result of the designed structure indicates that it is useful for super wideband applications.
The simulated and measured results are in good agreement.