Comparison of Fuzzy Numbers by Using a Statistical Index

  • Mohammad FARROKHY
Keywords: Fuzzy numbers, Fuzzy arithmetic, Fuzzy variance, Ranking, Parametric interval.


Many fuzzy numberscomparison approaches are developed in the literature for multi attribute decision-making problem. Almost all of
theexisting approaches focus on quantity measurement of fuzzy numbers for ranking purpose. In this paper, the researchers have proposed a
new method for ranking fuzzy numbers. Here we compare fuzzy numbers using a distance measure. This interval can be used as a crisp set
approximation. Ranking fuzzy numbers using parametric interval has been done previously by other researchers. In the present paper, a
novel approach of parametric interval is proposed. We obtain this parametric interval by using the statistical principles of fuzzy numbers.
This method can effectively rank various fuzzy numbers and addresses the deficiencies of previous techniques. Some examples to illustrate
the advantages of this method are outlined in this article.