Improving the Bandwidth of High Gain Patch Antenna Using Frequency Selective Surface

  • Majid AFSAHI
Keywords: High-Gain Antenna, Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG), Microstrip Antenna, Frequency Selective Surface (FSS)


This research work was devoted to design and simulated a highly gain Frequency Selective Surface (FSS). We enhanced the antenna
bandwidth by using a patch microstrip as the main radiation and structure of the FSS on the upper layer of antenna. Many researches have
designed the FSS on the antenna. However, the antenna gain and bandwidth were satisfactory. In our work we simulated this antenna using
Ansoft HFSS Software and CST Software. The results indicate that the radiation pattern gain of antenna and band width vitally enhanced.
In this case the gain increased by 3.3dB and band width increased 8.9%. However these change increase the height of antenna, when is one
of the disadvantage of this microstrip patch antenna. In our method the antenna final working frequency in each desirable band can be
regulated the parameters by the FSS and patch microstrip