A Novel Semi-Fractal Shaped Antenna for UWB Applications

  • Faramarz JALILI
  • Javad NOURINIA
  • Changiz GHOBADI
  • Vahid RAFII
Keywords: UWB antenna, microstrip-fed monopole antenna, semi-fractal shaped antenna.


In this paper, we propose a semi fractal shapedmicrostrip-fed monopole antenna for UWB applications. The proposed antenna has a
main circular ring with four smaller rings inside the main one as the radiating patch. The ground plane of the antenna that is printed on the
other side of the substrate, is in the shape of half an ellipse. The antenna size is 15×18×0.8mm3 and operates over the UWB frequency range.
Good Agreement is seen between the simulated and measured results. Antenna design and discussion about its performance will be presented
in the paper.