Assessing Tabriz Situation from Seismicity and Strategies for confronting with It from Urban Planning View

  • Nader ZALI
  • Hassan NOROUZI
Keywords: Tabriz metropolis, earthquake, vulnerability, urban planning and designing


Due to the great importance of Tabriz from political, economic, and social aspects and its high seismicity, this paper examines the
problems of this city from urban planning and design view. The issues impressing the ways of facing a likely earthquake in this city
are introduced and some short term and long-term strategies are represented for removing its unpleasant consequences. Demographic
issues, the lack of fundamental facilities, improper urban development, heterogeneous distribution of service centers, and the lack of
proper constructions based on geologic requirements are considered issues in this study. Among offered strategies, modifying existing
conditions and revising comprehensive project of Tabriz are mostly emphasized. Undoubtedly, exerting these strategies can increase
urban readiness for facing the probable earthquake in this city and decrease its unfavorable consequences.