Specific Kind Of Meta-Material Application On High Frequency Structures And Waveguide Antennas

  • Mahdi JALALI
  • Tohid SEDGHI
Keywords: Index Terms—meta-materials, Split ring resonator, waveguide Antenna.


A novel technique was employed to miniaturize the open-ended radiator using electromagnetic meta-materials (MTM). In this paper, an
open - ended rectangular waveguide antenna loaded with Back to Back Square Broad Side Coupled Meta-Material Split Resonator
(BBSCMM-SR), radiating below the cut-off frequency of the waveguide are designed is proposed. This work has investigated design
development, simulation, miniaturization and are comparing with these different types of Ring Resonators of an open end a waveguide dual
band antenna. The antenna is capable of radiating below the cutoff frequency of the waveguide by supporting backward waves. Comparing
previous work of miniaturization of waveguides, a better bandwidth about 550 MHz, good matching, dual band and low profile antenna is